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I was asked if I could increase the font size in areas for those old people that can't see very well in their old age. (I can say that because I am getting up there and I am blind in one eye). I know your pain.

I didn't want to go through and have one person like it and have another person think that the default way was better. So, I think we have a solution for everybody.

So here goes. I'm not a technical writer, so I hope you are able to follow my instructions...missing steps and all.

Click your profile picture. That should take you to your wall.

In the upper right corner, there are two buttons. One is edit profile, the other is design profile. Click on design profile.

You now have a profile designer administration section in the upper section of your screen.

Click on the 'advanced' link. And then click on on any of the links and play with the font sizes. It will try and highlight sections in the page to let you know what you are editing. You can always reset things if you start making things look like crap.

Thanks for playing.

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