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Let's face it. You old heads went a put a bunch of caches up in the hills and now you got fat and broken and you can't get back up there to repair or replace them! Or you have thousands of hides out there and you can't be bothered. Or you swear you are going back up there but nobody else put a cache for YOU to find up there so you are still waiting for that beautiful fall day to make the hike. WHATEVER!!

I can't believe how many NM/NA logs I have put on caches. Its ridiculous. To me there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than spending twenty or thirty minutes looking for a cache and finally deciding to look at the clue and the logs to find that it has 4 prior DNFs with no response from the owner but his profile shows that he logged on yesterday and found 6 caches last weekend. I also know that there are some really awesome cachers out there that carry small containers with them at all times to replace, even if only temporarily, the logs of missing caches. But then there is a chance of ending up with multiple containers at the GZ.

My point is this: TAKE CARE OF YOUR $%&^*&!! You don't have to disable and check on a cache just cause it gets a DNF but it does not hurt to either write a note on the cache page or contact the cacher who DNFed to see what is up. If you need help with maintenance on a cache than ask for it. Sometimes I try to write an email to a CO before if I am going to hunt for a cache that has not been found in a while, but generally I dont. My PQs filter out the disabled caches (I dont get the luxury of uploading logs on to my GPS) so I assume that a cache will be there when I go look for it. YOU DO YOUR PART AND I WILL DO MINE.

Ok so I am not really that mad about this, and I hope that if youre reading this that my sarcasticly angry tone came through. I love this game and one of my favorite things about it is reading about my friends disappointment  and frustration and seeing them jumping up and down cursing at a DNF is truly entertaining. But just like Battleship, a game is not worth playing if the pieces are missing. So if you have a cache that needs attention get it done or let people know so they can help, ok? Nuff Said.

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I just did a personal check on my caches. Out of 55, two are disabled due to construction and two more are missing with a couple of DNFs. I have a little bit of work to do. With everything considered, I'm doing pretty good. I'll be back at 100% findable in no time.

One thing to note. As a cache ow...
  • October 18, 2011
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Since this is a rant. I feel that both of these posts are great posts. To the CO's that actually take care of their caches; I commend you. For those who don't; why were they placed in the first place?

When I was introduced into caching; the number of caches were drastically less than what there are t...
  • March 29, 2012
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