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I finally have a little time to blog about my first event cache. It was held in Ogden on February 29th 2012.

After finally reaching 1000 finds I wanted to throw a party of my own. I had been to a few great events and I wanted to put my own twist on things. I decided to do a Poker Run but geocaching style. I put out four caches around town: A Traditional, A letterbox, A Multicache and an Unknown Night Cache. Inside each cache I placed poker cards. So, when the cachers found the cache they could take a card, and then I'd give them a card at the event. If you found them all and attended the event you had five cards for your hand and then you played poker for some prizes. By the time of the event I had about 30 finds on each of my caches. So that went really successfully i thought.The night cache had some muggle issues but the other three were very well received.

The event itself went very smoothly. I am glad that i decided early on to change the venue to a large Banquet Room at the Mount Ogden Grill. I originally thought maybe ten or fifteen people would show up. But it turned out to be around 65! The owners of the restaurants are acquaintances of mine, and they were overjoyed to have the house packed on what would have been an otherwise slow Wednesday. I was also very lucky to have Amy from Oakcoins in Kaysville bring some 366 event coins to sell. I had my own event coin for my first event! How cool is that!? After about an hour and half of eating sumptuous Greek food I started handing out prizes to those who had the best hands. I let everyone trade cards with each other so there were a lot of five of a kinds, even five Aces! I had collected a few small trinkets and Oakcoin Amy contributed two gift certificates. The worst hand won a Rubber Chicken! Then, my friend Blairt presented me with a geocoin from his collection. A Pennsylvania 2009 Train Coin! It was super cool. I won too!

The best part about event caches is meeting new people and seeing the people that have been hiding the caches that you have searched for and have been finding the ones that you put out. You instantly have so much in common with each other and have so much to talk about! I could have chatted all night long with everyone! The BEST part about geocaching is the family of friends that you gain when you get into it. Oh, and going out into the woods to find hidden treasure is fun too. LOL

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UTAG Webmaster
Very well done. Thanks for sharing this with us. You may have to do more of theses for us to enjoy.
  • March 8, 2012
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chris geertsen
i have a event cache i am hosting on the december 31 of 2012 in kearns utah in the salt lake valley called a new years celebration with fireworks. hoping for some cachers to come to it. the main idea is that everyone who comes brings some fireworks to share. i was told the best way for it to get mor...
  • December 17, 2012
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