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On the old website there was a page to record the counties that you had found a cache in for the state of Utah. I'm not finding this on the new site. Is this still going to be available?



I am learning that there are things that used to exist that don't anymore. I think, when the baton was passed to me and when I was told to get the forums up and running, that's what I did. At the time, I didn't realize the extent of functionality that existed before.

What I would like to know is what people liked and how it worked so that we can figure out first, if we want to implement theses features; and second, how we should implement these features.

This is the second thing that I learned that we used to have on the UTAG site. The first was the ability to validate a puzzle cache.

So, let's make this a thread of the things that you would like to see on the UTAG web site. I not only need to know the ideas, but the details. Things like the steps in the process. Fields needed. How you want it displayed. Drawings of what you envision.

I am a programmer by trade. When my coworkers say that something isn't possible, I respond with, nothing is impossible, it just takes longer.

So, this is where I would need your help. Tell me what you need to make things easier for you.

Marcellus Barrus
UTAG Webmaster

What we had before was a simple list of all the counties of Utah with a check box for each one.  That would feed to a table of ALL users with the counties they have visited filled in and a total number visited at the end of the row.


Rows were for each Cacher,

Columns were for each County with end column showing the total.


That's what it WAS, but anything to help us keep track of each county would be appreciated.  Even a graphical representation such as this.   would be cool.  But yeah...just something to help us keep track.




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