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I am learning that there are things that used to exist that don't anymore. I think, when the baton was passed to me and when I was told to get the forums up and running, that's what I did. At the time, I didn't realize the extent of functionality that existed before.

What I would like to know is what people liked and how it worked so that we can figure out first, if we want to implement theses features; and second, how we should implement these features.

This is the second thing that I learned that we used to have on the UTAG site. The first was the ability to validate a puzzle cache.

So, let's make this a thread of the things that you would like to see on the UTAG web site. I not only need to know the ideas, but the details. Things like the steps in the process. Fields needed. How you want it displayed. Drawings of what you envision.

I am a programmer by trade. When my coworkers say that something isn't possible, I respond with, nothing is impossible, it just takes longer.

So, this is where I would need your help. Tell me what you need to make things easier for you.

Marcellus Barrus
UTAG Webmaster
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