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It’s that time again,


Camp Hobe is a special summer camp designed for children with cancer and their siblings, who are often forgotten in the cancer experience. Camp Hobe gives kids the opportunity to participate in camp activities just like healthy children whose families are not affected by cancer. This is their chance sometimes their only chance to just be kids and to escape the grown-up realities they face every day.



Camp Hobe is in Tooele, it’s held at Camp Wipiti up Settlement Canyon. Turn left off of Main Street (36) at N40 30.975 W112 18.289, You will pass by the reservoir, there is a shack that collects money for entrance. Tell the person in the shack that you are volunteering at the camp and they will let you in without paying. Continue up the road until you reach N40 30.076 W112 17.260, there take another left and that will take you to the camp.


Kids week,  June 12, 2012 9:45am (Tuesday)

Teen week,  June 20, 2012 1:40pm (Wednesday)


How can YOU help? There are plenty of ways:


1. First and foremost, We need volunteers!! We need cachers to help the kids find the caches. If you can help out one or both days, that would be fantastic! I realize that these days fall on a weekday and many of you have jobs, school, lives... But I promise not to tell your bosses if you just happen to call in sick on one or both of these days! And I also promise you that this will be an amazing and rewarding experience for you.


2. We have arranged with the Magellan rep. to barrow some GPS units to use this year. This is such a big help I can’t thank Magellan enough! Just in case something goes wrong or even if it doesn’t please bring your GPS units with you so we will have enough to go around. We host a large number of children who all want a chance to use the GPS unit.


3. If none of these options work for you, I could always use a small donation to help buy the SWAG. I need to fill 6 caches with enough SWAG for about 125-150 kids (times that by 6 and that's a lot of SWAG). I will be buying everything from the Oriental Trading company to keep the cost down. I am not looking for large donations. Even $3-$5 will help! Please use the link below to make a donation. The donation button is on the right hand side of the page where it says "GIVE!"


Our contact information:

Jan & Ken Morales





Jan & Ken (gotwings & WindBeneath)


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A couple dollars add up.  If you can paypal in a couple of dollars, every little bit helps.

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What a lovely day for a cache.

firennice said...

A couple dollars add up.  If you can paypal in a coupld it helps.

This link will let you go through paypal, not really sure what a coupid is. Kalei set this one up for me...

Thats what i get for typing with my phone.. it hates me.

What a lovely day for a cache.

We've got a few volunteers but we need more. If you would be able to help either week it would be appreciated. So far we only have 4 people for kids week and 3 for teen week. After you break that into two groups it's is pretty slim pickin's...

Car pooling is also an option. We will be coming from the SLC area and would be glad to give a lift to any volunteers.

We have collected enough money for this year and probably next, thanks for all the generous donations!

First of all we want to say that the geocaching activity at Camp Hobe was a hit again this year!

The kids and counselors are just the best!

We want to thank everyone who donated and the cachers who were lucky enough to help out. Having the 12 gps units that Magellan let us use, not to mention having Jeff the rep. there to help the first week, saved the day.

We did have some bumps in the road, on the 12th, two cachers who were going to help ended up spending that morning in the emergency room. Nothing too serious but that did leave us a little shorthanded and also a little late (they are definitely forgiven).  After we were able to start placing the caches we noticed that the grounds crew did a really good job at cutting back a lot of the growth.  Not really the best for hiding caches but we were able to find places although we it probably made it a lot easier for the kids. I mean there’s one tree with all these rocks or branches around it. In other areas that we had planned to use the vegetation was gone altogether and we had to find another place to hide a cache. We were able to pull it all together and the rest of the day went swell with 102 kids in 3 rotations.

For teen week we used the same spots for the caches so it made placement go faster. We had just under 60 teens in 2 rotations. Those kids are just too good! On both rotations we finished up early, we’ll have to place more extra caches nest year!

We collected $305 and spent $182.96 which leaves us with $122.04 for next year. There were some other items that we couldn't find at Oriental Trading Company that we purchased, that was our contribution.

------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

 Here is the list of the items purchased:

Item # Item Description Quantity Ordered Unit Price                              Subtotal

/K325  CHILDS PLAY TOOTSIE ASST (3.5 LB)  1 $16.00                             $16.00

24/1725  RUBBER JELLY SAYINGS BRACELET (2 DZ/UN)  4 $6.25            $25.00

24/1795  SILICONE CAMOUFLAGE ARMY BRACELET (1DZ)  4 $4.25       $17.00

5/387  MINI BEAN BAG ANIMAL ASSORTMENT (50PC)  2 $41.00           $82.00

5/1746  CAMP OUT ADVENTURE CANDY FUN PACK  4 $7.25                  $29.00

25/3987  REALISTIC GUMMY BUGS  4 $3.49                                            $13.96

 Order subtotal $182.96

Shipping Charge $0.00

Order Total                                                                                                 $182.96

------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

If you want to consider helping out next year, it is held on the same weeks every year. Mark it on your calendar and take some time for the kids!


Jan & Ken Morales (gotwings & WindBeneath)

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