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A long time ago I used a PDA (kids don't even know what that was) for the pocket query info. What I am trying to find is an app for an Android tablet (Motorola Xoom) that works with gpx files. I will be away from civilization to cache and need to bring the info with me. Any suggestions?

I am not sure about the Android Official App, but the iPhone official app will pull down your downloadable pocket queries along with the maps that they use.  This will allow you to do offline hunting.  Within the iPhone, it is within the first screen labeled 'Pocket Queries' right under where I would normal do my initial search.

It will then list your pocket queries for you to select and download.

Pretty neat idea.

Can anyone confirm that this is available on the official android app?

Marcellus Barrus
UTAG Webmaster

Best android apps IMO are

Official app (upload pics from your phone)

Neon Geo (best all around. my go-to app.)

Locus Pro with geocaching add on (best offline mapping using OSM and others)

C:geo (free and pretty good but no api license)

All of these will use your gpx files.

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