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UTAG - Utah Association of Geocachers helps you connect and share with the people in your life.

I have been working on a new version of the UTAG website for quite a while now. I finally got it to a point where I think it is releasable. I do know of a couple of bugs that I am working through.

One of the bugs that is irritating me is when going to the events page and clicking on 'all events,' it doesn't show any. It will show the events that I have been invited to but not 'all' events that have been shared with 'everyone.' this happens on the blog and polls too. Kinda irritating.

Please use this forum to post irritating things that you would like to see fixed, thanks.
Last update on September 25, 2:32 am by Marcellus Barrus.
Marcellus Barrus
UTAG Webmaster

I really like the look of the new site. Thanks for keeping the site up and running.

It has been fun to do. And it is only getting better. I am doing a new release next weekend with a lot of bug fixes. A lot of things that normal people wouldn't even realize but still bugged me.

I'm enjoying it.

Marcellus Barrus
UTAG Webmaster
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