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I feel like asking for a hint for a cache you cant find shouldnt be done here on the forms. That is something that is private between you and the CO and should not be up on the bulletin board for all to view. It invites muggling and also cheating on puzzle cache answers. This became a big problem a while back up in my area when an email was sent out with answers to puzzles. With the new website allowing pms betwen users all mire reason to nix this sub forum. If one cacher wants to help another cacher find find a third cacher's cache that is one thing but to simply post hints on here is being disrepctful to the time and effort of the cache placers. The forums have many threads on this topic and all seem to agree this should be verboaten.
All Aboard!
Totally agree! Help should be personal, not general (i.e. for everyone).
Conrad & Joan
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